Investment Criteria

Green Fund Global will only invest in companies that have technology & sustainability at the core of their business model.

Our investment size is between $25,000 and $200,000. We will co-invest at our discretion. GFG can also provide start-ups with use of our office located in downtown Toronto.

Investment Review Committee



    Justin Raymond is a founder, entrepreneur and proven business builder. His business track record includes building world class mobile, telecom, voice recognition and SaaS solutions for the transportation, telecom, hotel and sustainability industries. Corporations such as MolsonCoors, Rogers, Bell, Telus, AT&T, Verizon, Lanyon, TripAdvisor, Visa, Air Miles, American Express and Marriott International are some of the hundreds of corporations that have integrated or adopted products developed by companies founded or led as President or CEO.



    As President of The Carbon Accounting Company, Ian has been responsible for the strategic development of environmental sustainability programs and software designed for targeted economic sectors such as the global hospitality and transportation industries.

    Ian's business background includes senior management and executive leadership positions in sustainability consulting, renewable energy technologies, carbon quantification & offsetting, and personal & organizational transformation. As an entrepreneur, Ian has built companies in a variety of sectors including land development, marketing and personal health.

    Ian is currently a member of the Global Business Travel Association North American Sustainability Committee; the United Nations Environment Programme Financial Sector Initiative; the International Society of Sustainability Professionals; and the Association of Climate Change Officers.

    Ian is a certified Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier, is trained in Life Cycle Assessment, holds Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Waterloo, and is a trained leader in personal and organizational transformation.

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